Runner Decals & More!



A Little Bit of History
Welcome! If you landed on this page, you either got here by accident or you are bored and don't have anything better to do.

Runner Decals evolved from the imagination of me, Susan Weber, and the inspiration of more people than could ever possibly be listed. Just about every decal that is created has some sort of story behind it. There wouldn't be a Runner Decals without the driving force of Amy, owner of Gypsy Runner . Gypsy Runner has been my number one seller of the decals , so if you have seen the decals on vehicles, chances are the decals were purchased from the Gypsy Runner booth at some running event.

The Runner Decals shop is one of many, which will hopefully be consolidated at some point. There is also Swimmer Decals, Dancer Decals and Havasu Decals and enough ideas to keep me busy for a really long time.

The unique quality of the Runner Decals , is that they are not created from general clipart that you see everywhere. I do carry some of the popularly requested decals that are pasted on the backs of several car windows, but I try to take the design and give it a new twist. Most of the decals have evolved from personal requests or my imagination, so when you have a decal from Runner Decals, people may say, "Hey, where did you get that?" and I don't mind if you tell them.

The new mini decals were made to be "mixed and matched" to create your own one-of-a-kind permanent decal. I have the mini decals on all my coffee cups, and my daughter threatens me if I go near her water bottles. I love the idea that we finally have a Dollar Tree store in town, so now I can decorate just about anything! Which just gave me an idea. I think I will put together a "decorate your cup" package with the mini decals and some flowers.... I guess I ’d better get busy!

Decals can be created from pictures or logos and sold as fundraisers such as the
Lake Havasu Chiefs Football , Havasu Stingray Swim Team and Havasu Girls Softball Association. I have also made decals for specific races, events and fundraisers.

Not Just a "Sticker"
The decals usually start out as a drawing on a scrap piece of paper. I have evolved to using Doodle Buddy on the iPhone or iPad for drawing out the general idea. It is amazing how well I can draw with my finger. Once I have the beginning of a design, I use the computer to fine-tune the art, and then make it into a drawing that can be cut. The vinyl starts out as a large, flat sheet. I place this into the plotter, which is basically a large printer with a single blade instead of a pen with ink. The blade cuts the lines of the artwork. I then "weed" the vinyl sheet, which is the term for removing all the vinyl that isn't part of the design. Once that is finished, I place a sheet of "transfer paper" on the design. The transfer paper is similar to a clear contact paper (like a shelf liner), and is exactly what the name implies. When you pull up the transfer paper, the vinyl is removed from the backing paper that it was on, and you can then stick the vinyl decal to a clean smooth surface. After you carefully remove the transfer paper, and you have a very cool decal!